Time to say goodbye

It’s official as I’m sure you’ve heard everywhere…Brad and Jen are divorced as of yesterday October 2nd. Since you know I’m a Team Jolie you probably think I’m leaping for joy but you would be incorrect. I’ve always loved Jen and they seem like a genuine couple (0ut of Hollywood no less) but as their relationship has unravelled it’s become apparent they weren’t as perfect as they seemed.

Brad wanted kids, she wasn’t ready (that is a big problem in my book)
Jen hated Brad’s taste in decorating

Of course all of this I heard via entertainment gossip so this is all hearsay but we all know a relationship can’t fall apart unless there is something fundamentally wrong there. Also it takes 2 people to end a relationship.

So…with that I’d like to give Brad and Jen a moment of silence.

Brad & Jen

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