Holding onto anger

Why do some people feel this need to hold onto anger for the rest of their lives? I mean it just seems like an awful lot of energy used towards someone else and then you miss out on your life.

If I held onto all my anger of my 27 years of existence I’d be a complete mess right now. If I stayed bitter to the ex boyfriend when I was 17 who dumped me and then used me for 9 months while he did the same with another girl I’d never love again. Hell he did me a favor…I’m just glad I didn’t end up with him. I could still be angry with a college professor who appeared to take out her menopause on me in front of the entire classroom and even suggested I drop out of college. Please, she’s not worth the time.

I could spend my days in a fury over all the ways I’ve been wronged and hurt. I could make it my life’s mission to make them all pay for making a part of my life more difficult. You know what? Shit happens and if it weren’t for that shit the really wonderful days wouldn’t mean nearly as much. Like being cut off on the way in to work by another car. Gee, that really blew but tonight I’m having a loving dinner with my boyfriend and wow it feels so great after such a pain in the ass kind of day.

I guess I just don’t want to be 70 and turn around wondering what happened to my life. Oh yeah…I was fucking pissed off. Well you know what? Join the club!

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