Yes, I’m Sensitive

As Jewel says “So please be careful with me, I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.” Ok so I’d give just about anything not to be so sensitive. Where do you think the title for my blog came from? When I was young my dad said I was fragile…and that was meant in an emotional way. I know I’m tough to deal with and I take things too personally most of the time. I know I clash with a lot of people…particularly those who are tougher than me.

Growing up you know who I admired? Don’t laugh…Shannen Doherty. Yes the “bitch” from 90210. I wanted to be tough like her and not care what anyone thought of me. I just wanted tell people to “fuck off” and just be myself. I think maybe I even tried to be like that for a while…like trying on an outfit that wasn’t quite my style. I don’t think I ever fooled anyone.

But even though I am a sensitive girl I don’t crumble at the drop of a hat either. As I’ve gotten older believe it or not I have matured some 😉 It takes a lot more now to bring me to tears than it used to. I’ve learned how to handle things better and make things work on a daily basis. Some days though everything comes at me at once and I just lose control of my emotions.

Despite it all…no need to coddle me or walk on eggshells. I try to be upfront and straightforward about when I might need someone to tread carefully or otherwise. If I could take a pill and be a tough bitch…believe me I would. I’d certainly enjoy that a lot more.

ps. this is NOT directed at any one person in particular.

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