Friday Five 9/23/05

All about having children

1. Are you now or have you ever been involved in the raising of children? What are/were the circumstances (i.e., yours biologically or not, living in the same house or not, etc.)?

Never…I am clueless when it come to children and I admit it fully.

2. Why did you have children? (“have” meaning “be a primary caregiver for”, not necessarily “be involved in the biological production thereof”) For those that don’t have kids, do you expect to have them in the future? Why or why not?

I do not have children (other than my furkids) and I’m not sure I ever want to breed. It’s an enormous responsibility and I don’t want to take it on until I’m 100% sure.

3. What are your feelings about creating your own biological children? Is it right? Wrong? Something you feel/felt compelled to do, or not? Something you wish you were able to do?

I’ve never had a strong urge to have children. I don’t think it’s a right or wrong thing except I don’t think people should even consider having children until they understand what they are getting themselves into. I think most people do it for the wrong reasons. I think people should be psychologically evaluated before they are allowed to conceive.

4. What are your feelings about adopting children? Is it something you would or have considered (or have done)?

I think I might be more interested in adopting than having my own…somehow I feel it would be less pressure. If it’s not bioligcally my child then at least I know any problems the kid has from birth (weight issues, mental problems) weren’t my fault (ie. my genes).

5. Would you consider or have you donated your eggs or sperm for the purpose of producing children?

I would absolutely donate an egg and it is not the slightest issue for me on that. I’d be happy to do it if I felt the parents deserved it.

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