Bodies in Motion – CSI

New season baby…watch out!

  • Warrick got married…Catherine has lost her “fantasy”
  • Burned down trailer
  • Decomposed body dripping out of a trunk of a car
  • Greg should have worn a mask
  • Some new blonde chick
  • Good episode although considering I’ve only watched up to mid Season Four I’m a little lost. Who’s the blonde? What happened between Warrick and Catherine for them to now have chemistry? Why did they wait until a 1/2 hour into the show to have Greg in a scene?

    Can’t wait until next WEEK!!!!

    1. Anna Banana

      September 23, 2005 at 6:33 am

      The blonde chick? She’s in season five… 😀
      I totally wanted to barf when Greg, well you know.
      I didn’t know Warrick was seeing someone. I probably should have paid attention better.

    2. Mergrl

      September 23, 2005 at 9:22 am

      yeah baby, did you watch the show after that? It was pretty good too

    3. sHa shinizzle

      January 19, 2006 at 2:22 am

      cath and warrick actually do have some chemistry between the both of them. in season 3, warrick hugged cath for comfort and being totally protective around her in ep 304 – a little murder when cath was attacked in a crime scene. It didnt make sense back then but during in an ep 2 (down the drain) of season 5 , they were almost KISSED. almost! damn that man who interrupted their moment, shesh.

      theres a little talk about warrick’s wife before in season 5. i think he talked about it with nicky or someone, but seemes not really serious bout tina. but i didnt really pay attention back then. guess we’re wrong huh? shame, really, cause warrick+cath make a great couple. and warrick could be the greatest dad for lindsey, cath’s daughter. *sigh*

      as for the blonde, her name si sophia/sofia. dont know and dont care how exactly to spell her name. you missed season 5, huh? that figured why you didnt have the sudden urge to jump on her and just kill her on the spot. cause i know i am. you see, last season she flirted with grissom and God forbid, grissom showed some interest in her too. *cries* poor sara. last season probably the toughest season for sara the character 🙁

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