A little Nip/Tuck?

Is it just me or does it seem like it’s been forever since the season 2 finale of Nip/Tuck? Last night we started off the new season with a bang. As it was left off at the end of last season we expected The Carver […]

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Having to commute to work is usually something most of us can’t avoid. Unless maybe you are a stay at home mom or work from home. If you are lucky you have a short 10-15 minute trip to work with limited hassle. I’ve had probably […]

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Routine can be good

Everytime I go off my routine of my daily workday everything goes to shit. Seriously. If I could just keep up the same thing over the weekend I’d be golden. Add on another couple days off and it’s very frustrating. I haven’t worked out since […]

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