Parallel Parenting

I’m not going to claim I know diddly about parenting but from reading this article they say there are 3 kinds of parenting: cooperative, conflicted, or disengaged. Obviously cooperative is the best kind. Parents that can work together for the best of the child. Conflicted is when they cannot parent together without arguing and disagreeing which would not work as the best thing for the child.

This article goes into the idea of parallel parenting:

Parallel parenting gets its name from a similar concept in children’s play. Research psychologists have observed that young children who play together, but do not have the skills to interact, engage in a process of parallel play. If they are in a sandbox together or taking turns going down a slide, they play next to one another, not with one another. Each child is doing her own thing with the toys, and generally ignoring the other. When they get older, they will learn to interact cooperatively and play together.

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