He said yes!

Luke & Lorelai lovebird

At the end of the season on the Gilmore Girls Lorelai asked Luke to marry her…tonight he said yes. It was very cute because they didn’t quite know what to do after that.

Now of course he’s feeling insecure because she asked him but I think it’s very sweet. I hope this doesn’t fall apart with everything that Lorelai is dealing with Rory taking a year off of Yale. In some ways Rory is annoying me a bit because she’s acting a little immature but then again we all have to go through that period in our life…usually around our college years. I don’t see anything wrong with taking a year off except that it’s a lot harder to go back.

I look forward to see where the characters are going this season.

  1. Stationery Queen

    September 14, 2005 at 2:26 pm

    I enjoyed the show, especially Babette running. I was DYING with laughter then.

    My problem with Rory? She let one man’s opinion determine her fate. Silly girl.

    I hope the season is good and, frankly, features mostly shots like the one last night with Scott Peterson in bed sans shirt. Yes, I can be verrrrry shallow. 🙂

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