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0 Thoughts on “The “Santa” Issue

  1. When we bring the kids to a magic show, we invariably talk about ‘How did they do that?’. We’ll brainstorm all the different ways it could have been done. We might even look up the trick on-line, to help us figure it out. But, in the end, we always allow that it might possibly have simply been magic.

    That’s the same way that we approach Santa (and Easter Bunny and God and Tooth Fairy and Unicorns and Love and Life and Leprechauns, etc.)

  2. Just read the previous comments. I think that if you’re going to tell your kids ‘There is no Santa’, it would be nice to add, ‘But some kids do believe in it & that’s OK for them’. Great way to start teaching them about not just tolerating other people’s beliefs, but celebrating them.

  3. As always Maureen you know your stuff…thank you.

  4. Oh, I like what Maureen said. Probably the best and wisest course. But I have to say, my family pretended all sorts of things — Santa, magic, pet mice in the knife drawer, etc. . . part entertainment, part whimsical safety net and always a lot of fun. My uncle, ’til this day, won’t admit that he didn’t make the bunny he bought me for Easter pink at my command. And that’s just so cool.

  5. I think you’re linking the wrong article I wrote! :mrgreen:

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