Google Toolbar

Click here I swear, I love Google. Gmail is the best email program I’ve used and I’ve used MANY (maybe all). I love the new Google Talk although nobody really uses it so as of now it doesn’t do much good, not that I use […]

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Just use your brain

That’s the easiest way to eat better…just be smart about it. I shouldn’t talk…I’m drinking a Mountain Dew Code Red right now but I’m in a bit of a slump with TOM crashing my party. No excuse…don’t I know it. At least I still took […]

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Friday Five 9/9/05

1. How many weddings have you attended? I’d guess 5 or 7. I’ve been in 3 of them. 2. Wedding registries: buy from the list or freestyle it? I do both list usually and freestyle. Usually for the wedding shower I’ll give from the list […]

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