CSI: A little justice is nice

So on the episode from Season 3 we watched last night this woman had died from slipping in the bathtub when taking a bath. The husband was distraught but also the husband seemed pretty guilty too. The day after his wife died he had her buried immediately, cashed in her life insurance, bought a new sports car and already had a new girlfriend.

What was interesting was that Jim Brass said that he had a feeling the guy was guilty because after his wife died he said “She was my life” when normally he said they say “she is my life.” The guy used past tense. Brass said in his whole career the guys that used past tense about their wives were usually guilty.

It was great because the guy then walked out of the building all smug when he saw that his sports car was being taken away. Brass and Grissom explained to him that since this was being investigated then he couldn’t have the life insurance. Awwww….too bad so sad.

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