Interview by V-tek

My interview by v-tek

1. What is your biggest fear? Do you think that you can get past it? And how?
I have 2 biggest fears but 1 is more prevailant on a daily basis. The general one is the idea that the love of my life could die someday…I want him next to me for the rest of this life. I don’t know how anyone survives losing the love of your life that way. The other one is that our relationship won’t surpass what lies ahead if his daughter becomes a part of our lives. It is a very scary concept to me. I don’t think I can even imagine to get past the second one until I actually start dealing with it.

2. What is the one thing in your life that you will never do? Why?
Get divorced. It’s ugly. That’s why I take marriage SO seriously.

3. What is your one favorite thing in the whole world? How does it make you feel when you see it/have it or touch it?
I’m going to assume Erik doesn’t count…or my babies. My blanket. I have a sort-of security blanket (who am I kidding it is a security blanket) and I feel at peace when I’m holding it.

4. What is your favorite sensation? What makes you have this sensation?
Love…does that count? Being truly, madly, deeply, passionately in love to the point you can’t see straight. It’s scary, it’s exciting and it’s so beautiful. I love being in love…esp when the person loves you back the same amount. Looking into each others eyes causes this energy between you and that is what heaven feels like.

5. When you met your SO (significant other) what was the first thought that you could remember going through your head? Think of SO now and tell me the first thing that goes through your head?
When I met him the 1st thing I thought was “wow, he’s so much cuter in person” which I didn’t expect to think. The 2nd thing I thought was “you’ve lost your mind, what are you doing?” lol
Thinking of him now…I automatically see the word sweet. He’s so sweet and such a good person. Whatever anyone can say about him he’s a truly good person and if you are lucky enough to have him love you (as a friend or whatever) then you will have a great person in your life who really knows how to love others so fully. He talks such beautiful things about the ones he loves and praises them so much. He says such great things about his brother all the time and his father and mother…believe it or not.

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