What I miss most of my early twenties

I miss going dancing. Now if I want to go dancing I’d have to plan months in advance to get my friends all together or even just a few. I suppose I could go by myself but that won’t happen in reality. Also I think my friends and I may just have gotten to the age where it’s not quite the same. I always swore I wouldn’t be one of those women who were just a bit too old to go clubbing and looked like an idiot.

I have this guy friend who we went dancing quite a few times (in fact that is how I met him but I barely remember it since it was my 22nd bday). I liked dancing with him the most because he was such a good dancer (for a white guy) and wasn’t doing it to get down my pants (I don’t think).

Anyway, just reminiscing. That was the best way for me to drop pounds…dancing every weekend.

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