A good story to laugh at me

So I went to this engagement party this weekend and as usual I swear all my friend’s moms have interesting ways they remember me. Yeah that’s a good way to put it.

Let me tell you 2 of the stories so far:

Miss L – She’s Portugese and lives in the typical Portugese house. Well I went to visit once and we did our usual hanging out till all hours of the night. We went back and I was going to sleep in her brother’s room (he slept downstairs). So I try to get to sleep but the room is filled with paintings of Jesus and all those other people or saints or whatever…even statues. Also the bed was oddly uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep, obviously being a reform Jew, I told Ms. L at like 3am that I was going home. To this day her mom remembers me that way…oh and the fact L has to translate whenever her mom talks to me because I can’t understand accents.

Ms. A – We had a “girls night” in college at her mom’s house but her mom was out (her mom was cool like that). We drank rum and coke til all hours. It was fun…until I got too drunk and got sick (I took caffiene pills I think that night…bad idea). So they go…”if you’re going to throw up in the sink throw up in the left side” (which they repeated several times) and I’m like “ok”. I of course throw up on the right side where all the dishes are. Whenever I see her mom that is how she remembers me.

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