A nice evening

It was a nice time at the engagement party. People DID bring gifts but I think the champagne was fine. I found out her wedding ceremony will be a traditional Portugese Catholic wedding so I told her I’ll just bring snacks 😛

So strange seeing my friends who got married after college now with a 1 year old adorable little boy. So surreal. I wonder at what age this will all stop being so strange to me. Hell I’m 27…time to start facing what life has become. I think I’m still missing college a lot. Do I miss the guys? Nope. Do I miss puking on my knees in the toilet? No way! Do I miss the cafeteria? Not really though they had good french fries (note: freshman 30). I do miss having my buddies all within 10 minutes walking and staying up until all hours doing anything.

Crap, I have PMS and am gonna start crying. Memories…like the corner of my mind (or however it goes) *sniff sniff*

Gonna go watch more CSI.

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