Weekend Update

As usual it was a pretty uneventful weekend but certainly nice. I’ve cleaned a lot…I always feel better getting the place clean. During the week I never seem to have any motivation to do that. The Big E is going to do the laundry for me since he was off all last week and this week…what a relief.

I’ve substantiall updated My Furbabies because we got them little beds to relax in while we are all in the living room. Call me a sap but I hate seeing them sleep on the hard floor. Only problem is Pilot doesn’t fit as well in his as I hoped šŸ™

Last night the Mr. and I just listened to music and did our thing. I started writing a new story. He did his art work.

I’m still itching to clean up more…which I am off to do now.

Oh we also saw Prozac Nation which had it’s good and bad points. The book is better.

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