She didn’t suffer enough

She’s been released

Does she look like someone who feels bad for torturing, raping and murdering 3 young girls (including her own sister)? Not to me at least. I saw a true crime show on this story once and then ended up reading the book. The only way to describe this is horrifying. She served only 12 years for all of this and expects sympathy because she said her husband made her do it. I’m sorry but if I was married to him and he said to me “do this to this girl or I kill you” I’d rather die. I’d never be able to live with myself. Oh and now she’s whining that she has no real freedom now that she’s out of jail…well maybe while she’s in her situation she can try to imagine what the families of these girls are still going through or what those girls went through on their last days. How can she live with herself?

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