How to get funny traffic by blog surfing

got this from The Ultimate Blog

1. Leave a nonsensical comment that is so strange that the person HAS to check it out.
2. Insult conservatives – those guys can’t keep their mouths shut.
3. Agree with conservatives and tell them your blog is just like theirs – they have egos.
4. Write a bizarre story on the soccer moms’ pages – they like those
5. Pretend that you’re a regular reader
6. On the Non-English blogs, leave english comments that express anger at the post
Eg. “No! That is totally incorrect. What were you thinking?!?!”
7. Compliment the blog
8. Go to crazy blogs and pretend to be outraged – then the writer checks out our blog to see if we talked about him/her – they’re narcissists anyway…
9. Pretend to be conservative on Liberal blogs – piss them off.

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