The Need to Breed

Ok I’m going to get onto a tricky subject. I know many people may have a problem with where I am going but it’s something I feel I need to discuss for myself.

1st let me say I’m not sure where I stand on the children thing. Being the fact I am a non-existent suito stepmother (yeah, seriously) it’s something that could become more of a reality. Still I’m not sure I want to have children someday. If I ever were to (and up until a couple years ago I was dead set against it) I’d have the child with my amazing boyfriend. A guy who is a father himself and is the best father a kid could ever ask for. Still…at 27 I really don’t know if it’s a committment I want to make.

I think it’s nearly impossible to have children for ANY other reason than selfishness. I mean you don’t have a child, raise it and give up most of your entire life just to create another life. You want to create a piece of you and hopfully they will become something great…something to be proud of…something you can say “that’s my son/daughter” with a big smile.

On vacation this weekend there were so many kids around I can’t possibly tell you h0w many there were. Everywhere I looked there were more kids. Most couple seemed to have at least 4 kids. Is it REALLY necessary to have that many children?? I mean really. I think people shouldn’t be allowed to have more than 2 given that the world is more than overpopulated.

At one point we were on this narrow walkway that was very dangerous. You walk on it slowly and hold on to the railings. Well suddenly like 5 young boys flew past me and were pushing each other out of the way for who could “go first.” All I could see was one of the little ones falling over the side. Was a parent anywhere to be seen? Nope. I kept telling the kids to be careful but obviously they didn’t listen to me. If you can’t take care of the kids then don’t have them.

I think I just may be to cynical and a bit too much loving of my own space to have a child. Luckily I have plenty of time to think about it but you can count on this…I won’t have a kid EVER unless it’s something I’m absolutely sure of.


I’d like to add (since I was worked up at the time) there are parents out there that blow me away with all they do. My boyfriend is one of the best fathers on the planets and it takes a certain kind of person to do what he does. There are many wonderful parents and if someday I do go down that road (remains to be seen) I hope I can be just as great. A child brought into this world deserves the very best.

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