My family from Erik’s family is so vastly different from each other it’s bizarre.

My family isn’t what you’d consider a close family. We have very few relatives that live anywhere near us and we see them a few times a year. The majority of our family lives in Oklahoma and Arkansas so we only see them usually once every 2 years. My family doesn’t like to generally get involved in each other’s personal business and like to stay mainly uninvolved emotionally. We also don’t say “I love you” very often at all. It’s not overly loving but also not complicated.

Erik’s family is the opposite. They seem to enjoy being in each other’s business and get very emotional involved. You’ll find emails going back and forth between each other discussing some kind of situation that they feel needs to be addressed within the entire family. They never end a call without saying “I love you” and are always updated on current happenings with each other.
I think both families have their positives and negatives. Sometimes I enjoy the emotion of his family while other times I like the uncomplicated nature of mine. Just a thought I had somewhat recently.

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