The Grandmother

I have one grandparent left and it’s my father’s mother. Using the word difficult to describe her would be the understatement of the century. As far as I see it she’s only ever cared about herself and even now when she is all alone she still feels the same way.

Since my grandfather died (her husband of 60+ years) we’ve had the burden to take care of her. Actually let me clarify…my parents have had the burden. For a while she was in a psychiatric hospital being evaluated. I don’t think they ever came up with anything which just means she’s just a mean bitch.

Currently she’s in a rehabilitation center to learn to walk again (arthritis). Since she’s been there she’s already claimed a black person raped her. She’s now saying that anyone of color isn’t allowed to come near her because they are just “cleaning people.” She’s been just awful to my mother when she tries to visit her. We are all just sick of this and thinking of letting her take care of herself.

Karma is a bitch huh?

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