100 Things

1. I can touch my tongue to my nose.
2. I have 4 tattoos and still want more (they’e addictive).
3. I used to be able to do straight shots of Southern Comfort
4. Until I met my husband I didn’t believe in marriage and didn’t want children. For that matter I didn’t really believe in love.
5. Erik and I have a 10 year age gap but many think he’s nearly the same age as me.
6. I was at Woodstock 99 but missed the riots.
7. I’m a 100% cat person. I adore cats and a little afraid of annoyed by dogs.
8. I can type more than 60 words a minute, my dad made me learn to type in 6th grade.
9. I’ve worn glasses since I was 3 years old.
10. I love pens, I’m always trying to find the perfect one.
11. I live online, I spend a lot of my time online and I don’t apologize for it anymore. It suits me as I have social anxiety.
12. I taught myself most of the HTML that I know.
13. I once sent in a story I wrote (in middle school) to a publisher. They just sent it back without any response.
14. When it’s TOM I will cry over everything. I even once burst into tears in the card section at CVS.
15. I lived in Tulsa, OK for about a month (we call it the long vacation now).
16. I once hit on a guy at a bar and spent the entire evening talking to him. He was from Wales and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.
17. I’m a little afraid of stairs – a phobia or something. I don’t avoid them but sometimes I get nervous to go down them.
18. For a significant period in my life I was very bitter over breakups and even got some revenge.
19. In college I dated 3 guys from the same frat (not at the same time) and no I don’t know what I was thinking.
20. When I hear a song on the radio I can memorize it very quickly.
21. I went on my 1st date (corsage and all) when I was 4 with a guy named Robert. It was supervised.
22. I get night terrors mainly when I dream of spiders and jump out of bed screaming. Apparently this is caused by stress.
23. I can’t drink water without a splash of lemon juice in it or I gag.
24. I waited 18 hours in line to see a free Limp Bizkit/Cypress Hill concert sponsored by Napster. Erik thinks that is something I shouldn’t admit to.
25. I went to a Jewish private school up until 7th grade and there were only 3 other girls in my entire grade.
26. I was named after Robin Hood (the black and white version with Errol Flynn).
27. As a girl scout I always sold the most boxes in my troop.
28. The college I chose to go to was because it was closer to my then boyfriend. We broke up a month before I went away to college.
29. I won a lingerie contest at Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was 17.
30. I never liked the New Kids on the Block even though all of my friends did at the time.
31. I wrote some fanfiction for Felicity and have gotten quite a bit of compliments on it.
32. My ring finger is a size 4 1/2.
33. I went to see Luke Perry in person at the Galleria mall along with hundreds and hundreds of other young screaming girls.
34. Both of my high school boyfriends were at least a year younger than me.
35. I’ve had 4 perms but haven’t had one since early high school.
36. I saw American Beauty in the theater 5x.
37. I can read and write Hebrew (not so much anymore but a little).
38. I have huge issues with double standards.
39. I’m a crazy Anglophile.
40. I’ve highlighted and colored my hair a few times in the past but haven’t done it in years, this is my natural color.
41. I was really sensitive when I was younger and would cry at the drop of a hat.
42. I don’t tan, I enjoy being pale. I think it’s sexy. Although a bit of color is nice.
43. I’m allergic to everything ie. dust, pets, smoke, mold. Most mornings it takes me a couple hours to get out of the allergy haze.
44. I always thought I looked Jewish until a professor in college told me I looked Irish.
45. I’ve always dreamed of living in NY but now I want to live in Ireland or England.
46. I’ve changed my handwriting all the time and have since I first started to write.
47. I hate fat or skin on meat and will pick it all out/off before I eat it.
48. I generally hate cheese with meat of any kind, I don’t really know why.
49. I have sensitive feet, I don’t like them massaged and they hurt after walking a lot or standing a lot.
50. I love watermelon but I hate anything watermelon flavored.
51. I had a breast reduction at age 15.
52. I’ve had the same phone number since my first one when I was 18 back during the first wave of cell phones.
53. I have the same birthday as my husband’s daughter (21 years difference of course).
54. I’m being treated for ADD, which is making a huge difference in my life because I can now focus and concentrate when I need to.
55. I hate snow and cold weather but have lived in Massachusetts my whole life.
56. I grew up Jewish but now, I’m just anti-religion but pro-spirituality.
57. I get anxiety attacks but only had one really bad one while I was driving.
58. I have 4 caricatures from 4 Bat Mitzvahs (all what I wanted to be when I grew up): Age 6 – ballerina, Age 10 – Actress, Age 13 – Fashion Designer and Age 20 – writer.
59. My first time drunk was at Passover.
60. I’m VERY ticklish, so don’t tickle me.
61. I was once told someone thought the song MaryJane by Alanis reminded them of me.
62. I used to write letters to my first real celebrity crush Ethan Embry and even once invited him to a birthday party.
63. When I was little I wanted to be a belly dancer.
64. I hate any candles, lotions, sprays, etc. that smell like candy, fruit or vegetables though coconut is nice.
65. Too much sugar makes me sick; I end up feeling like I have a hangover.
66. I love making lists but rarely actually use them.
67. I had to have police outside my prom because of a girl stalking me, they never caught her and she wasn’t the last stalker in my life.
68. I love quotes and love posting them on twitter and Facebook when I come across them.
69. I’m emotional and I look for things in life that make me feel (or Highly Sensitive Person).
70. I’m an escapist and nothing is a better escape than television.
71. I almost always hate frosting on cake and will scrape it off.
72. I will not date a guy who wears tighty whities.
73. I consider my furkids my children; they bring so much happiness to my life.
74. I have enormous trust issues with friends and usually assume the worst.
75. I bite my lips when I’m nervous/anxious and when I’m in a social situation I tend to talk really fast.
76. I loved doing theater when I was younger and contemplated being an actress.
77. I have a paralyzing fear of talking in public (makes the above one ironic).
78. I was born after the blizzard of 78.
79. I’ve walked out of the theater during a movie once.
80. I’ve been the first kiss of 3 guys.
81. I have issues with my hearing and people always have to repeat themselves; especially if they have accents or there is background noise.
82. I have a fear of eating fruit; I cringe when I see bruises or anything.
83. I have to check my email regularly, like every few hours at least.
84. I have trouble not saying how I feel about things, even when it’s unnecessary and could possibly get me in trouble.
85. I have a lot of Libra in me; I need things to be even and fair.
86. I express myself better written and would rather email or text than call someone.
87. I love to organize; I have spreadsheets for just about everything.
88. I collect anything Pepe Le Pew. I also have a collection of shot glasses.
89. I am always buying paper and pen products, even when I don’t need any. It makes me oddly excited to buy them.
90. I hate the smell or taste of black licorice and watermelon. However I do like actual watermelon.
91. I wear my heart on my sleeve to a fault.
92. I love watching crime shows, especially the documentary kind. This may mean that someday I might snap and have to be locked up.
93. Sarcasm is my daily gift to you.
94. At all times I usually have at least 4 wall calendars, desk day-by-day calendar, personal organizer, and an online calendar. It makes me feel like I have a little bit of control in a crazy world.
95. I’ve had almost every size breast from an A to a DDD and I can tell you with all honesty that size B was best.
96. I over plan everything and because of that I usually don’t end up enjoying it.
97. Erik initially wooed me when he told me he once met Dave Grohl.
98. I was the Art & Entertainment editor of my college paper for over a year.
99. My dream job was always to be a movie reviewer.
100. To relax I do this thing where I kind of suck my tongue but it’s not really sucking …it’s hard to explain.


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